Important Information for Posting and Maintaining Ad

The EASY 3-Step process takes just a couple minutes.

Step 1: Select your items “Catagory”







Step 2: Create your ad by filling in the price, description (include all relevant information a buyer will want to know), and finally add your photo(s).












Step 3: Review your ad and please read the Rules and Agreement and “Proceed”. That it is!

3 bits of additional information for moderating your ad(s) you might like to know.

1. If in the event you find a mistake, you can edit your ad from your Dashboard.










2. When you sell your item, please visit your Dashboard and mark your item as Sold to ensure that you will not be contacted again from a potential seller. By doing this, you ad will have a “SOLD” stamp placed right on the ad for others to see.


















3. If you have an interested party who would like to see your item, you can “Pause” your so that it will not be visible from other shoppers in the mean time. If the buyer doesn’t purchase your item, simply go back and “Un-Pause” your ad.





Enjoy using the Free-to-use OutdoorFree for all of your outdoor-related classified ads website.








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