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Share Your Ad!

Did you know that you can easily share your ad?

That’s right!  Attached to each ad on OutdoorFree, there is the social media icons to help spread the word. Nothing helps sell your stuff faster than getting the word “out there”.

Ads on Social Media

Share your Ads on Social Media and get your item sold!

If you are on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or just email, it doesn’t matter…Click on the icon and it’s super easy to share your ad.

If your network of friends on any of these social media sites can help you out, they’ll also share your ad with their friends and down the line it’ll go.

I just helped my buddy sell his 2002 Skeeter using this method. I created the ad for him and networked it on all the social media venues and shared it with him, he passed it along to his friends and eventually it ended up in the buyers lap.

Every ad that is listed on OutdoorFree, I try to at least Tweet and share in the relevant “communities” on Google+. But it’s likely in your best interest to leverage your buddies and their networks to spread the word.

Thank you for using OutdoorFree and look forward to seeing many more “SOLD” stamps plastered on the ads.

8 Buck Knives = 8 Lucky Winners

Buck Knives have been a great sponsor and supporter of OutdoorFree. They have provided us a little incentive to be given away to 8 lucky winners who use OutdoorFree.

The contest will be simple! Post the most “For Sale” Ads in a week and win a Buck Knife! The contest will start Sunday February 10th, 2013 @ 12am Central. The “For Sale” items must be legitimate outdoor sporting goods related that fit into our existing categories. Questionable items will be reviewed and voted upon by the OutdoorFree team of 3.

  • Weeks 1 – Feb 10th – Feb 17th – Winner – “RSANDY
  • Week 2 – Feb 17th – Feb 24th – Winner – “DakotaDave
  • Week 3 – Feb 24th – Mar 3rd – Winner – “RossMeyer
  • Week 4 – Mar 4th – Mar 10th – Winner – “BKMAINE
  • Week 5 – Mar 10th – Mar 17th – Winner – “kolbythehunter”
  • Week 6 – Mar 17th – Mar 24th – Winner – “mrwabobcat
  • Week 7 – Mar 24th – Mar 31st – Winner – “LindseysLuresAndThings”
  • Week 8 – Mar 31st – Apr 7th – Winner – “LindseysLuresAndThings”

If a tie breaker is required, it will be to who first placed the ad of that week. A side note, if an item does sell, mark it SOLD…do not delete it. All entries will be tallied up at the conclusion of each week and a winner will be selected.

OutdoorFree is a completely Free-to-use classifieds website! No Joining, Listing or Selling Fees! If you are already a member, login right now and start posting as soon as you can. If you are new to OutdoorFree, Click the banner below to register your free account.


Be sure to “Like” OutdoorFree on Facebook

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Important Information for Posting and Maintaining Ad

The EASY 3-Step process takes just a couple minutes.

Step 1: Select your items “Catagory”







Step 2: Create your ad by filling in the price, description (include all relevant information a buyer will want to know), and finally add your photo(s).












Step 3: Review your ad and please read the Rules and Agreement and “Proceed”. That it is!

3 bits of additional information for moderating your ad(s) you might like to know.

1. If in the event you find a mistake, you can edit your ad from your Dashboard.










2. When you sell your item, please visit your Dashboard and mark your item as Sold to ensure that you will not be contacted again from a potential seller. By doing this, you ad will have a “SOLD” stamp placed right on the ad for others to see.


















3. If you have an interested party who would like to see your item, you can “Pause” your so that it will not be visible from other shoppers in the mean time. If the buyer doesn’t purchase your item, simply go back and “Un-Pause” your ad.





Enjoy using the Free-to-use OutdoorFree for all of your outdoor-related classified ads website.








Subscribe to Categories!

Love OutdoorFree so Far but wondering what all the perks are?

Here is one to mention.

When you log into a category at the top you’ll see this “Get Alerts by Email” button above the top ad. Click on it and enter your email address. You will get a daily notification letting you know there is at least one new ad is posted within this category.

You can unsubscribe from the email notifications. When you get the email notification, simply scroll to the bottom of the email and click on the unsubscribe link.


Vexilar Wanted

Water in the northern region is starting to harden up as Ice Fishing season approaches. Lots of newbies to Ice Fishing are shopping for used FL-8 Vexilars to get into the sport relatively cheap. Maybe you have a Marcum or Hummingbird you’d like to sell and this is just the website for doing so.

OutdoorFree is a completely FREE website for you to use. There are no fees for signing up, selling or posting your ads.

You can safely list your Vexilar FL-20 on OutdoorFree and avoid getting spammed.

Don’t forget to check out our sister website IceFishingChat for the latest chatter on fishing gear and fishing reports. You just might find some useful and insightful tips there.

Reposting Ads

Are you sick of having to repost your CL ad every other day to keep it near the top and in front of potential buyers? WHY?

Just list your ad once on and forget it! Your ad is placed inside relevant categories where people can search just by that item.

Also, your ad would expire in 90 days on OutdoorFree…if it even makes it that long.

Sick of listing your guns on CL and it getting deleted? Not on OutdoorFree! We welcome you to list all firearms. If you have ever asked yourself “Is there a website that accepts gun ads?” Search no more.

OutdoorFree has a few other hunting and fishing sister websites under the Flyway Media umbrella. If you have ice fishing gear to sell, we’ll get your ad in front of all frequent visitors on If you have waterfowl gear to sell, we’ll get it on and

You can see all the other Flyway Media sites right here.

Password problems?

Just a heads up that when you get the emailed password, be sure that you are highlighting only the password contents and no extra spaces before or after (see image). If there are any additional spaces included, your log in will fail.

I hope you can understand our log in process as it protects you and our site from malicious spammers and hackers.

Great Audience

If you are a true craigslist fan and don’t see the concept of OutdoorFree, please read on.

OutdoorFree is founded on the idea to help outdoors men like myself swap our hunting gear and fishing equipment. OutdoorFree is structured so much better than CL because you can look for specific items in our categories. You don’t have to sort through thousands of other outdoor sporting goods.

Another great feature is that we are a website that allows guns to be posted. So don’t worry about your ad being deleted.

OutdoorFree is underneath the Flyway Media umbrella meaning we have 10 other hunting and fishing forums linked in. This mean so much more added exposure and bigger audience among other sportsmen who can appreciate your sporting good ads.

We still have quite a few Buck Knives to give away still so please join up, post and sell your goods. It’s Free!

Reviewing Binoculars & Rangefinders

▶ A good bino is a must for any deer hunter intent on glassing brushy hillsides for bedded deer or sizing up a buck that just stepped out at the other end of the bean field. A rangefinder is critical for judging how far away the animal actually is. With several models available and more to come, look for binoculars that also function as rangefinders. They eliminate fumbling from one to the other as a whitetail appears, and they cut down on the amount of gear you need to carry.

Top Pick 
The Swarovski EL Range pairs unmatched optical quality with extremely fast and accurate ranging capabilities. The design is ergonomic, and the unit weighs just 32 ounces. ($2,979)

Riflescope Review

▶ Internal improvements, better coatings and glass, and increased offerings in range-­compensating reticles have made it so that many riflescopes cost as much as, if not more than, the gun they ride atop. However, for the hunter who understands “you can’t shoot it if you can’t see it,” the cost is worth it, particularly when improved light transmission can mean making the shot during those first few or final critical moments of shooting light.

Top Pick 

The Nikon Monarch 2.5–10×42 BDC provides a 4x mag range and excellent low-light performance. The BDC reticle aids in shot placement at multiple distances. ($430)

Looking for Optics

At the start of our third week, our categories are quickly filling. However, there is one category struggling to take off. The optics are in need of some binoculars! I am sure there are some hunters looking for a nice bushnell spotting scope. If you want a rangefinder, please post an ad.

Archery season is here and in just over a week, rifle season opens in some areas. Be sure to look thru our ads and hopefully you are fully prepared for your hunting season.

Hurricane Sandy

As you are aware, the east coast is getting slammed by Hurricane Sandy. Due to the impact this storm has had on the country, OutdoorFree has also had to delay the Buck Knife give away. Since our drawing is based on the NASDAQ market closing value, we cannot determine a winner.

We will resume the give away process as soon as the NASDAQ gets back up and running as normal. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

American Pickers

You’ve probably seen the two guys Mike and Frank digging through junk piles looking for that diamond in the rough. Have you ever considered hitting the road and picking for some treasures to turn into profit? 

Let OutdoorFree be that internet venue to sell your goods!

If you go to garage sales or auctions, there are typically some pretty nice finds at some of these sales you brag to your buddies about. A lot of estate sales tend to have a few guns that you can get for pretty cheap. Sometimes you can hit the mother lode and find some sale where the owner was a pack rat and have hundreds of collectible firearms, vintage fishing tackle and old boat motors. There is always a buyer for these types of things and you can list it right here on OutdoorFree and just maybe you’ll find that buyer just like Mike and Frank have lined up to peddle their items to and make a little money doing so. As they say “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.