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Nordic Auction Thursday, July 11, 2013

1970 Harley Davidson M-65 motorcycle w/ title & original book

SamSung Digital front load washer- less than 1 year old. They paid over $1,400  -Works perfect!

’01 Chevy 1500 ext cab pickup- no Keys

Remington Model 770
7MM mag w/ Bushnell Scope- like new

Very rare 12 gauge

14′ Alum boat Boat

Poker machine
Trailer ramps
Chop saw
2 room tent
Flatscreen TV
LP gas stove
Delta table saw
Craftsman jointer/planer
12″ craftsman band saw
Picnic table
16″ tires
Tons of COINS
Huge toy collection- metal cars – GI joes- Beatles records-
Hospital bed- very modern
Lazy Boy Recliner
3 pc bed set- mint!!!!
New Sofa sleeper w/ chair
Full size bed
2 dressers
New in bag- Queen Bed
Sheet rock stilts
Gun cases

Plants- Flowers-Trees – Lots of them!!!!
Wooden Moving Showcase

Nordic Auction, Thurs., June 27

Thursday, June 27, 2013
2713 Courtland Street
5:00 p.m. Start Time


1963 Mercedes Benz
4 door- green- nice

1963 Allstate Scooter,(Vespa) Very nice!

18 hp John Deere riding mower- works perfect- nice mower

Flow 106 paddle board
12′ alum Keller ladder
10 Queen Size mattress sets
Antique oil stove
10′.  2″x4″‘s, 2″x6″ ‘s
2″x8″ ‘s Lumber- new
Smoker grill
11’x9′ roof style Gazebo w/ screens- new in box
LP gas stove
Werner 6’ fiberglass ladder
Char-Broil elec. grill- new
Makita metal chop saw
Craftsman 18″ chain saw- nice
Pine drop leaf table w/ 4 chairs
Dresser w/ mirror
Alpine car stereo- very nice!
5 DVD changer
LG tower speakers
LG center channel speaker
2 push mowers
Fish poles
New shop vac
New Laminate Flooring
Wooden rocker
Delta band saw
Bud mirror
KISS Blankets
Army helmets
Military pins
Hand tools
Martin house
Box rows
Johnson Lazer Level- new in case
Pellet gun
Crack-shot 22 cal – Stevens
SS shelving unit- NSF
Hide-a-bed sofa
12 oz Rib-eyes
12oz New York Strips
Billy is coming w/ food!

Nordic Auction Thursday, June 13, 2013


Brand new Queen pillow top mattress set
Craftsman 5.0 push mower- nice

Craftsman ATV jack- like new
King size bed- nice

Pet cage
Platinum XP workout machine
Fibre truck tool box
Garden pond
Tackle boxes
New 1/18th scale cars
Collector cars
Jim Hansel signed print
Budweiser XL Mirror
Craftsman trimmer
Pocket knives


4 high-end pellet pistols- nice!

20 ton jack
Hotel lamps- lots
Cook book collection
X-box games
Choice household boxes out if townhouse
High-end rugs
Patio table
Slot machine
Nice microwave

KX dirt bike

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Nordic Auction Thursday, May 6, 2013

Thursday, May 6, 2013
2713 Courtland Street
5:00 p.m. Start Time

Choice Auction!

93 Buick La-sabre- runs great

10 hp Troy-Bilt chipper/ shredder. Like NEW!!
Pull-type, commercial grade

Keller 6′ fibre ladder
Craftsman 175 psi 2 stage air compressor
HD floor jack
Yard man trimmer
Wheel barrow
Elec. concrete mixer
Dog kennel
Chain saw
Fence posts- new
Steel fork lift forks- HD
Dewalt  12″ compound mitre saw
Hydrolic jack
Antique hand water pump
Antique log roller
Logging tongs
Grain belt wooden box
Winchester ads
German helmets
2 swords

12 ga double barrel flintlock
12 gauge double barrel hammer
3 collector revolvers

Choice brand new, tan, couch, loveseat, chair. MINT!!!!!!

Oak table w/ 2 stools- very nice
Glass top end table set- 3
Blond cabinet

Chee print- signed- mint
Choice lamps
Donny Finley signed& numbered print
Adin shade signed print
Tostravao print from Old Towne Gallery
Blond desk
Inlaid mirror- mint

2 tables full of collectables
Bills coming w/ food

4 tables full of fishing tackle
Box rows

A Team’s AK series

Modern day bucktails are ANYTHING but BUCKTAILS. Their skirts are made of marabou, mylar, nylon and any number of synthetics. A-Team AK series are among the best producers regardless of fiber material and are again and again to preform with the least amount of effort. With A-Team Tackle it really is fishing SMARTER NOT HARDER that wins. Let us explain.


During the development of the Assassin-X designer Bob Mehsikomer at A-Team realized he had just built a better mousetrap or should we say bladebait.



A-Team AK-Huskie

When water is shed from the surfaces of the A-Team Pounder blade it’s not restricted by the conventional cupping design found on most blades. This is very significant to the angler.


The AK series utilizes two blades mounted on the shaft in an interlocking design. When adding the second blade to the design you in fact add two times the normal resistance in terms of retrieving the bait. With our blades NOT utilizing a cup design we have in fact created a lure that is measurably easier to retrieve and we all know that retrieving is paramount to the effectiveness of the lure.


With less effort necessary to retrieve an A-Team AK, Mya-Boo or Avenger series lure we had the ability to design in added weight, up to 2 full ounces on special orders. Our concept was to add weight within components where necessary allowing for a more natural horizontal presentation rather than a tail dragging appearance found in virtually every other interlocking blade in the market today. This horizontal attitude of the lure is profound and becomes a REAL asset when triggering that MONSTER of your dreams in a figure-8 at boat side. It’s been said that as much as 70% of strikes will take place within five feet of the boat or in the figure-8 itself. Why would you potentially omit a 70% chance of success by not choosing A-Team’s AK-Jr., AK-Huskie, AK-10 or AK-47?


Casting blade baits can truly be an issue especially in the wind or against the wind when boat position is critical and your target requires precision.  At A-Team Tackle we have greatly reduced or even eliminated the casting issue merely by adding our weight. Casting is more than simply an exercise; it’s how you present your lure that leads to producing fish. Again at the risk of sounding redundant all of this is in fact due to a well thought out design by people who use these lures everyday and NEED to produce…Bob Mehsikomer leads that design team. Videos capturing these REAL ENVIRONMENT success can be seen on the television series Simply Fishing Extreme TV or on YouTube at:


A-Team AK-JR


Todays AK-Jr is the smallest of the AK family. It is 6.5” in length, comes suited with our unique Pounder© blades or our CUSTOM #8 Colorado blades. It has one hydro balanced skirt and one Eagle Claw 5/0 treble.


The AK-Huskie is the next in terms of size in AK family. It is 8.5” in length, comes suited with our unique Pounder© blades or our CUSTOM #8 Colorado blades. It has two hydro balanced skirts and one Eagle Claw 5/0 treble.


Next is the full size AK-10. It is 10.5” in length, comes suited with our unique Pounder© blades or our CUSTOM #8 Colorado blades. It has two hydro balanced skirts spaced to accommodate two Eagle Claw 5/0 trebles.


Last but not least is the OVERSIZED AK-47. It is 14” in length, comes suited with our unique Pounder© blades. It has three hydro balanced skirts spaced to accommodate three Eagle Claw 5/0 trebles. This is a tool for when you have reason for BIG. That monster fish that has simply been turning its nose up at insignificant offerings you have presented in the past. A TRUE MONSTER lure, the A-Team AK-47.


A-Team AK-47


The thing to remember is ALL of the A-Team blade baits can be custom ordered, allowing for more than 9,000 variations when taking into account the blade and skirt options. For a quick look at the AK-Jr, AK-Huskie and the AK-10 follow these links: http://ateamtackle.com


For the AK-47 you will need to call 612-670-0744 and we can provide custom order service.


Building a brand today is tougher than ever. Anglers are often thought of as passionate if not polarized in terms of their brand loyalty. With so many variations of consumables in the marketplace and a growing number of customers, it’s a MUST that your brand be quality, fill a need and eliminate existing performance problems others are omitting, those are words we live by at A-Team Tackle.

AK-10-Colors & Sizes

A-Team AK-10-Colors & Sizes


Feel free to contact us at A-Team Tackle, 612-670-0744.

Dealer inquires welcome.


Start fishing smarter not harder. Close the deal with A-Team Tackle’s AK series.

A-Team Assassin-X

A-Team Tackle was founded to provide revolutionary new concepts in lures focused at larger toothy predators. Company owner and designer Bob Mehsikomer is responsible for the design and creation of more than 45 lures that have provided the muskie and pike angler’s greater success.


The first offering from A-Team Lures was the Assassin-X , the only patented muskie spinnerbait in the industry today. The concept was simple in the mind of inventor Bob Mehsikomer. However implementing that would prove much more difficult. During the development of the A-Team Assassin-X it became profoundly obvious that conventional cupped blades simply didn’t possess the qualities necessary to function based on the demands of the lure’s design.



Assassin-X by A-Team Tackle

Mike Mehsikomer, brother to Bob, says to this day the lure when being bulged resembles that of a scurrying duckling. The HUGE A-Team Pounder blade has enormous lift, EASILY prompting it to the surface. Meanwhile below the surface only four inches beneath the primary Pounder blade is another very important feature of the Assassin-X. Below the hairpin design is a lower shaft that houses a custom #8 Colorado blade, again unlike the conventional off the shelf Colorado blades. Among the magic properties of the Assassin-X is the collision of the larger low frequency blade and the shaft-mounted higher frequency #8 Colorado blade that is indeed a patented feature is this lure.


The interaction of the Low frequency of the Pounder blade, the higher frequency of the A-Team custom #8 Colorado and the metallic audible between the two is enough to drive ANY MUSKIE nuts. A popular slogan over at A-Team Tackle is “Why sing them a lullaby when you can give them a ROCK CONCERT”? The Assassin does just that.


best musky lures

The Assassin X could be considered the best musky lures on the market

The skirts on the Assassin-X can be suited as marabou or A-Team’s custom bullet Mylar skirt. Total weight averaging about 2.75 ounces but can be suited with additional weights if desired.


Assassin-X Custom Color Combinations

So many Assassin-X Custom Color Combinations to choose from

As double interlocking blade baits progressed in the muskie world, anglers witnessed the advancement in special needs due to serious problems. The problem was with conventional cupped blades where anglers experienced nearly instant fatigue, followed by angler burn out. In the first year of the A-Team family of lures this was brought to our attention by a hand and arm surgeon acknowledging the potential for damage to anglers as a result of these cupped interlocking blade baits. While in the boat on a shoot designer Bob Mehsikomer sat down and designed the first of A-Team’s interlocking blade designs. The results were more than outstanding, they were unbelievable. The results were a lure that functioned with measurably less effort and provided HUGE fish on the very first outing. The reduction in effort necessary to retrieve the A-Team Avenger was due to the manner in which A-Team’s Pounder blade sheds water. And just like in the design of the Assassin-X the lift was readily apparent. Reduce the cup or eliminate it all together for up to 35% savings in physical energy requirements.


custom muskie lures

A-Team Tackles provides many custom muskie lures on their online store – Check it now!

Conventional cupped interlocking baits created a stir in the reel industry as well due to the difficulty in retrieving the lures with cupped blades. Their solution was to bring into the muskie world, saltwater reels costing north of $600.00 each simply to pull the lures back. The staff over at A-Team tackle didn’t invest in $600.00 reels. Instead they continued to use $200.00 reels found in almost every muskie anglers boats today. There was simply NO NEED for the added expense and in fact consumers are reporting today they buy MORE A-TEAM lures instead of $600.00 dollar reels weighing up to 16 ounces. Better mousetrap? You bet.


The Avenger-X is an interlocking Pounder blade lure dressed with A-Team custom marabou skirts and two 5/0 Eagle Claw hooks.

to be cont…

Moran has created the newest and improved tree stand

Anthony Moran has created the newest and improved tree stand there is no other tree stand like it in the current hunting industry.
Tree Rider
The “real” self climbing motorized tree stand, The TreeRider.  Why has it taken hunters so long to realize the best way to climb a tree is by simply pressing a button and going up? With the new patent pending invention, The TreeRider, hunters of all ages can now experience a great outdoor hunting adventure with the push of a button. The TreeRider is a much safer alternative to other self-climbing tree stands on the market. With all fully welded steel construction with a winch motor and high quality USA manufacturing in Pittsburgh, PA. It is a small town family company you can trust.

The TreeRider was created because of an avid hunter with multiple sclerosis, the inventors brother, James Moran. With multiple sclerosis the biggest challenge is muscle strength and often resulting in being wheelchair bound. James had not only avoided the wheelchair but can now use a tree stand again thanks to the TreeRider, because it is that easy! It is not just for people with disabilities or wounded war veterans.  This is the likely the best handicap hunting equipment for elevated hunting out there. Young and old hunters alike can use the stand. You do not need to be the “rich and lazy” hunter.  The TreeRider just makes sense.

The TreeRider is easy to assemble and sets up within 5 minutes. You can easily move locations with the TreeRider and you do not need the “perfect tree” the TreeRider will climb the same trees if not more types of trees than a regular climber tree stand.  It is affordable, strong, compact, durable, safe, practical and the greatest addition to your hunting accessories.

Thanks for reading and visit our website The TreeRider is available for purchase from our website store. Also visit us on Facebook and Twitter!

Remember enjoy the hunt and be safe, always wear a harness!

Nordic Auction Thursday, May 16, 2013

Johnson 6 hp outboard w/ tank

Minn Kota elec trolling motor

7.52 Japanese Rifle
French 1923 rifle

Tons of Ammo
22 cal
38 special
38 cal
10 mm
357 mag
44 mag
32 auto
30 cal
12 ga
44 cal lead bullet heads

Military helmets
Military hats
Military uniforms

Choice archery arrows
2. 4.80-8″ trailer tires- new
Outboard stand
2 Cannon Elec. Down-riggers w/ 5′ SS booms- nice!!!
Balance scale
CH inline sander
SS prop
Hitachi 3″ coil nailer
Hydraulic hoses
New Deep Cycle Marine battery- never used
Craftsman 19.2 set
Skill saw
1 1/2 hp air compressor

Maytag refrig
Elec. Dryer
Stuffed chairs
Full bed
Twin bed
Wooden desk
Hanging glasses cabinet
Art work
Box rows
Ps2 games
Gun cabinet

3 choice real Fur Coats
Tonka trucks
Structo dump truck
26  1:18 scale collector cars still in original boxes
4 choice swords
Broad axe
Metal toy gas pump
Camel coin op radio
Very old- Packard thermometer
Wind up old toys
Reverse painting
Old time tools
Wooden porch swing- old- nice
Old old elec fan- nice
Coke crate
Vendorama gum ball machine
HO trains- old- still in boxes
GOOD Glassware
Precious moment collection
Hot wheels
Wooden toys
Cap guns
Punch boards

Major NASCAR collection
Baseball cards
Pabst thermometer
Copper boiler- really nice!!!
Silver trumpet

Don’t forget auctions this Saturday, Sunday – both in Wisconsin!  And also next Wednesday on Island Lake, north of Duluth!


7153 Rice Lake Rd, Duluth, MN 55803
11:00 a.m. Start Time

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Annual Island Lake Auction

11:00 a.m. Start Time


Ford F4000 Tractor w/HD Loader

4 Brand New Tires – Tags Still On!

3 PT. Runs MINT


3 PT. 6’ Brush Mower – Nice!                                          Nice Homemade

3 PT. Back Blade                                                  ’20 Alum. Pontoon Boat

                                                                                            w/26 HP Johnson!

’78 Winnebago Motor Home

440 Moper, 56k, New Front Tires – Runs Great!


Duel 4-Wheeler Rack – Holds 2 Wheelers on a

Short-box truck with ramps


16’ Lund

16’ Boat/Motor/Trailer

New 1000 Watt Generator

New C.H. 1300 PSI Power Washer

New C.H. Welder

40’ Alum. Extension Ladder

Well Pumps, Cast Iron Mermaid,

Fishing Equipment – 3 Fish Spears- Randall Spearing Decoy

#716 DareDevil, Knives, Agates, Saddles & Tack, Jack Stands

English Egg Trap, Large Bear Trap, Paper Log Roller, Couch

Lots of Hand & Power Tools, Wooden Carpenters Box, Patio Set,

Lots, Lots MORE!!!


7153 Rice Lake Rd., Duluth, MN

North of Duluth on Hwy 4 to Auction.


Col. Forrest Evavold


List of Goose Decoys For Sale

#1 – Silo sock decoys (ellendale) $200 –

#2 – Hunting boat (Saint Peter) $2750 –

#3 – 14′ aluminum boat (Plattsburg mo) $450 –

#4 – GHG Blue Goose Decoys –

#5 – Goose and Duck Decoys and Blinds.  Huge lot (Augusta) $700 –

#6 – Goose Decoys & Layout Blind (Brainerd) $275 –

#7 – Goose shells (Lancaster/roherstown ) $1 –

#8 – goose decoys (bonanza-nellis) $150 –

#9 – Goose , geese Decoys, flat-bottom (Naugatuck) –

#10 – Goose geese Decoys – flat bottom (Naugatuck) –

#11 – Goose Decoys – hunting – Geese (naugatuck) –

#12 – Goose Decoys – hunting – Geese (naugatuck) –

#13 – Goose Decoys – hunting – Geese (naugatuck) –

#14 – GHG Full Body Goose Decoys/Bags  $220 –

#15 – Black cork (2) sheets for making duck decoys (port saint lucie ) –


#17 – Carri-Lite Goose Shell Decoys (Plymouth, WA) $300 –

#18 – Goose Decoys (Hancock, WI) $190 –

#19 – Sillosocks Deadly Decoys (Kearney, MO) $1 –

#20 – 24 oz. lead seth green fishing duck goose decoy  torpedo weights 1 (owego ny) $3 –

#21 – Decoys (Medford) $70 –

#22 – Goose Shell Decoys (Bixby) $65 –

#23 – feild goose decoys (rigby,id) $350 –



#26 – Goose decoys (Eden Prairie) $50 –

#27 – Decoys – (60) Snow Goose  (Matawan) $3 –


#29 – Canada Goose Silhouette Decoys (Mount Pleasant, MI) $50 –

#30 – decoys –

#31 – waterfowl  (indianapolis) $1 –



#34 – Goose Decoy’s (Ashley PA) $100 –

#35 – 3 goose decoys (feeder butts) –

#36 – Full goose set-up (Kansas City Ks) $1500 –

#37 – 4 oz egg sinkers for sale/everything needed to texas rig duck decoys (Greater KC) $1 –

#38 – goose decoys (Wheat Ridge) $15 –

#39 – 4 oz egg sinkers/everything needed to texas rig those decoys (Kansas City) $1 –

#40 – Johnson,s Folding Goose Decoys (Kalispell,MT) $200 –

#41 – Texas rigs, egg sinkers and crimps $1 –

#42 – Silhouette Snow Goose Decoys (Hanover, PA ) $35 –

#43 – Shooting and hunting supplies (East York) –

#44 – Hunting decoys  (Montgomery ) $65 –

#45 – Goose ground decoys (salem) $150 –

#46 – ghg goose decoys (epsom) $275 –

#47 – Duck/Goose Hunter’s Trailer & Decoys (Medford) $375 –

#48 – Blue Goose –

#49 – Guided Snow goose hunts (Missouri) $160 –

#50 – Goose Decoys (O’fallon, Mo) $1 –

Wisconsin Area Taxidermist

Field and Stream Taxidermy
John Schmitt (owner)
217 S. Front St.
Coloma, WI 54930
shop # 1-715-228-2022
cell # 608-547-1565

“Like” Field & Stream Taxidermy on Facebook

I have been in business since ‘1990
Full time  and full line of taxidermy
From big to small, I can do it. I have mounted little weasels too a life size Elk.

6-12 month turn around time on big game mounts
2-4 month turn around on fish mounts
3-6 month turn around on most bird mounts

Whitetail shoulder mounts starting at $350
Fish mounts starting at $8 an inch
Ducks $175
Pheasants and grouse $145
Elk shoulder mounts $700
Free caping of your trophy

Click on Bass to see more of their work!

Northern Saskatchewan Fishing

Highrock West


Our cabins are rented on a light housekeeping basis.  Guests are responsible for bringing the following items:

*Food and drink         *Sleeping bag              *Fishing gear              *Personal toiletry items
       *Warm clothing and rain gear                       *Camera        *Sunscreen and bug spray

Light housekeeping rates include round trip float plane from Missinippi to Highrock West, boat, motor, gas, lodging and four and a half days of fishing. Osprey Wings air service will provide your float plane trip to and from Highrock West.
Best of Highrock 012
A personal guide and/or prepared meals can be supplied for an additional fee.  Please let us know if you have any special requests when booking your trip.

Saskatchewan fishing license is required and we would be glad to assist you with this.




Best of Highrock 014

Even while getting away from it all at Highrock West, you’re never far from the comforts of home. Highrock West consists of three cabins nestled in a quiet, protected bay on the west side of Highrock Lake.  Cabins vary in size and can accommodate groups of 4-8 comfortably, and are equipped with showers, complete kitchens including refrigerator, freezer and stove.  All cabins are wired for electricity and outfitted with wood stoves for additional comfort.

Highrock West is equipped with 16-foot Lund S fishing boats outfitted with 15 hp two stroke Yamahas and 15 or 20 hp four stroke Honda and Mercury motors.  Other equipment provided includes landing nets, life jackets, boat seats and portable depth finders.

Cell phone coverage is available but not encouraged.  Highrock West is your escape from the every day.

Learn more at

Lake and Fishing

Highrock West is located 105 miles north of Missinipe, Saskatchewan, and 150 miles north of Lac La Ronge.  If you have never fished Saskatchewan’s northern lakes, you’re missing out on something special.  Canada’s remote lakes are legendary for monster-sized, trophy fish…and lots of them.  After landing a 42-inch” pike well over 20 pounds, my 10-year-old son stated, “This is absolutely the best fishing ever!”

Highrock Lake has clear, pristine water that runs to known depths of over 200 feet.  These deep water holes provide sanctuary to lake trout in excess of 20 pounds!  In addition, most anglers have tremendous success fishing for trophy pike in Highrock’s shallow water bays, rock ledges and weed beds.  Pike exceeding 40 inches” are common.  For anglers wanting a different adventure,  Arctic grayling fishing day trips can be made to the east part of Highrock where the river leaves the lake.

Fishing is our number one priority at Highrock West.  To maintain Highrock Lake’s quality fisheries, we ask all guests to commit to our long-standing catch and release policy.  We encourage you to take some smaller fish for shore lunch or evening dinner.  They’re delicious!  All larger fish must be handled with care and released to battle another day.  As camp owner and operator, I will be pleased to provide information on proper fish handling and what is deemed a trophy upon your arrival.  We can also assist you in obtaining a replica mount of your trophy catch.

Best of Highrock 028

Suggested fishing equipment:

Northern Pike:

  • 6.5 Med/MH rod, 12-14 lb. test, steel leaders, Len Thompson red/white and five of diamond spoons, spinner baits (#5 Mepps or #5 Vibrax) & soft plugs
  • Fly fishermen: 9’ 8 wt rod, weight forward line, large colorful flies (Bunny leach/Deceiver), 20# leader and Surflon wire tippet (short steel leaders in a pinch)

Lake Trout:

  • 6.5 Med/MH rod, 12-14 lb. test, Husky and Husky Jr. Daredevils, T-60 Flatfish, 2 oz jigs
  • Fly fishermen:  9’ 8 wt rod with extreme sink tip line (summer) or similar to Pike in spring/fall

Arctic Grayling:

  • Light spin gear, 6 lb test, small rooster tail or #1 mepps spinners, small spoons
  • Fly fishermen:  8’6” 4 or 5 wt rod, weight forward floating line, 3-4X tapered leader, 4X or 5X tippet