Buying & Selling Firearms and Ammo on OutdoorFree


OutdoorFree encourages selling and buying used sporting goods through its site, even firearms. Let it be known that we are not an official FFL (Federal Firearm License).

When purchasing a Firearm –

To protect yourself, be sure you follow these rules:

  1. Check with the laws of your state, county, or city to verify that the firearm you wish to purchase meets your local laws.
  2. Find a FFL holder near you that will accept the transfer of the firearm for you. This can be your local Gun Shop, Pawn Shop, Gun Range or any other location that holds a current FFL and will help you with your transaction.
  3. Contact your FFL of choice and tell them you would like to transfer a firearm.
  4. Pick up your firearm once your local FFL holder receives it.

When purchasing Ammo –

Federal law requires that you must be at least 18 years old to purchase shotgun ammunition, and at least 21 years old to purchase handgun and rifle ammunition.

  1. You do not need an FFL to purchase ammunition online.
  2. All ammunition should be shipped UPS ground.
    • Ammunition cannot be shipped air freight, due to shipping regulations.

For a current list of local FFL Sites in your state, please visit the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco  Firearms and Explosives) Website.


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