Best Shotguns for Deer Hunting

Remington 11-87slugguns_08
The old 11-87 Premier was the gun I drooled over while thumbing through Remington catalogues as a kid. It could do everything the legendary 1100 could do, but with the capability of shooting 3-inch shells. It was also the gun of choice of many of my early deer hunting partners. Its gas action cushions the blow of hard-recoiling slugs, although some knocked the system for its pickiness with light loads and the need to occasionally replace the O-rings. The former is not a problem when shooting slugs. Although no longer offered in as many configurations as it was in its heyday, the 11-87 gas autoloader from Remington is still available in two versions with a rifled slug barrel and cantilever scope mount.

Best Fit: With a standard field stock, it’s a great fit for anyone looking for one gun to do it all. However, both rifled barrel models currently in production feature high combs – not a good choice for birds or clays but great if you want a dedicated slug gun at a middle price point.

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