Best Shotguns for Deer Hunting

Browning Gold Deer Hunter slugguns_07
I once considered the Browning Gold Hunter to be the prettiest of all shotguns. That might not take you very far in the realm of performance, but romance is a part of any hunter-gun relationship. Unfortunately, Browning no longer sells a Gold Deer Hunter model with a rifled slug barrel. If you find a used one in decent shape, buy it and use it. Otherwise, you can opt for the current Browning Silver Deer Hunter, which has a similar action as the Gold with a few mechanical differences, most notably it does not have the Gold’s speed-loading feature. The Silver has an old-school humpback design (which has since been reintroduced on the Browning A-5) and is available with a cantilever scope mount and rifled slug barrel.

Best Fit: Like any gas autoloader, the Gold is a light-recoiling shotgun that tames the punishment of hard-hitting slugs. It’s for anyone who wants fast follow-up shots and an easy-to carry gun.

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