Best Shotguns for Deer Hunting

Mossberg 695slugguns_15
The oddly shaped Mossberg 695 was not built for beauty. It was built for deer camp, truck beds and rainy afternoon stands. It descends from a line of Mossberg bolt-action shotguns that are decades old. It kicks like … well, like a bolt-action 12 gauge slug gun. The 695 has a love-hate following among owners and former owners. Some rave about its accuracy; others wail about its inconsistency. If you can find the former, see if you can take it off his hands, because you’ll never feel bad about dragging it through briars or resting it on the tailgate.

Best Fit: If you’re deal-maker and happen to stumble across one, pick it up. Even if you don’t like it, the 695 will make a fine backup. Just be sure and do some research on your specific gun. Mossberg issued a safety recall on some 695s. Check out the details before you ever load it up.

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