Best Shotguns for Deer Hunting

Benelli Super Black Eagle II Rifled Slugslugguns_11
The Rifled Slug model of the SBE comes with open sights but is drilled and tapped for scope mounts. Its reliable inertia action is highly reliable, even if doesn’t cushion the felt recoil like a gas autoloader. Benelli also offers an optional high comb for more rifle-like performance. The MSRP of $1,719 to $1,879 is a little steep, but that’s the price to pay for premier performance. Hunters looking to save could consider the M2 Field Rifled Slug, which checks out at a few hundred less but utilizes the same inertia action.

Best For: The Super Black Eagle is pigeon-holed as a wingshooter’s shotgun, but this gun is great for those extreme slug gun hunters who drag their guns through just about anything and expect it to keep chuckin’ hulls. In fact, there might be no better dangerous game slug gun.

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