Best Shotguns for Deer Hunting

Thompson Center Encoreslugguns_10
Single-shot firearms don’t get any more glamorous than the Thompson Center Encore. Its interchangeable barrel system allows you to swap from centerfire to rimfire to muzzleloader to shotgun with relative ease. When you make the swap, the scope stays attached to the barrel, ensuring a certain level of maintained accuracy from one setup to another as the seasons change. Both the standard Encore and the jazzed-up Pro Hunter models are available with rifled slug barrels. A 20-gauge model is available in the standard Encore, which comes with a 24-inch barrel and rifle sights. The top-of-the-line 28-inch Pro Hunter slug barrel is in 12 gauge only.

Best Fit: If you already own an Encore and hunt in a “slug state,” adding a rifled slug barrel is a no-brainer. You’ll save money over buying another dedicated slug gun. Plus, the shape and dimensions of the Encore mimic many target-style rifles, which are highly comfortable to shoulder and shoot. It’s definitely a tree stand or ground blind gun.

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