A Peek at the Best 2013 Compound Bows

PSE X-Force Dream Seasonnewbows_06
Producing bows for every archer at every price range for over four decades, PSE is back at it in 2013. The PSE X-Force Dream Season DNA has a mass weight of 3.7-pounds and is draw length adjustable (without the need of a bow press) from 26 inches to 30 inches in ½-inch increments.

Anchoring the PSE’s most advanced limbs to date—the X-Tech Limbs—tightly to the riser are the second generation CenterLock 2 Pockets. Feather-light and incredibly strong, these pockets feature a triple-lock design that pulls everything toward the bow’s centerline. The Flex Cable Slide is another intriguing feature on this bow. Flexing during the draw cycle, this engineering marvel reduces lateral torque and keeps the cable guard from contacting passing fletchings.

Even with a short 6-inch brace height, the 31-inch axle-to-axle DNA is balanced and forgiving. Chalk this up to the state-of-the-art aluminum alloy riser and great feeling B.E.S.T. Raptor Grip. Designed to reduce torque and provide consistent hand placement, this grip puts the shooters hand in direct contact with the ultra-thin riser.

And you can’t mention PSE without talking about speed. PSE says this bow will send arrows at 352 fps.

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