A Peek at the Best 2013 Compound Bows

BowTech Destroyer Limited Editionnewbows_04
What’s not to love about the BowTech Destroyer Limited Edition? Available in limited quantities through 2013, this flamethrower boasts a jaw-dropping 350 fps speed rating and tips the scales at just 4.1-pounds.

One of the most advanced cam designs ever produced, the OverDrive Binary Cam is all about symmetry, synchronization and stability. Thanks to the bow’s unique axle arrangement and allowable tuneable split buss-cable, cam lean is virtually eliminated and speed is maximized. Rotating modules come standard with the cam system and draw lengths can be altered from 25 inches to 30 inches.

Built to withstand the energy that the Destroyer 350 LE unleashes, the HardCore Limbs are super durable. Energy is stored not only on the limb’s surface, but inside the carbon core to better share the workload.

Helping make the Destroyer’s transition into its 80-percent let-off while terminating torque is the FLX-Guard. Flexing inward as the bow is drawn, this nifty device absorbs cable-torque that would otherwise be transmitted to the riser. The Destroyer 350 LE is available in BlackOps finish.

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