A Peek at the Best 2013 Compound Bows

Mathews Creednewbows_02
Matt McPherson and the crew at Mathews have done it again. The 2013 Mathews Creed is a 3.8-pound, 30-inch axle-to-axle engineering wonder. Propelling arrows up to 328 fps is the all-new SimPlex Cam. Another Mathews single-cam marvel, it provides a smooth draw and, thanks to an incorporated draw-stop that contacts the bow’s inner-limb, brings a rock-solid backwall.

The Mathews Harmonic Damper floats in an elastomer wheel just under the top limb-pocket. Working in concert with this damper is the Mathews Harmonic Stabilizer Lite. The features are designed to reduce residual vibration by as much as 75-percent, cutting noise to a minimum. The Reverse Assist Roller Guard is set up to reduce accuracy-robbing friction. Unlike most roller guards on the market, the Reverse Assist positions the cables in front, rather than behind the roller guard to ensure a smoother draw.

Sporting a 7-inch brace height, the Mathews Creed should be ultra forgiving and accurate. The bow is offered in Mathews Lost Camo and other custom finishes.

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