A Peek at the Best 2013 Compound Bows

Darton DS-3800newbows_10
Back and better than ever is the Darton DS-3800. The DS-3800 has a 6-inch brace height and can reach speeds between 345-350 fps. Perfect for the serious bowhunter who likes to accumulate 3D target trophies, the bow offers a balanced 33-13/16 axle-to-axle rating.

Complete with Darton’s draw stop modules, the DS-3800 allows the shooter to customize the amount of cam let-off to fit specific shooting styles. The DualSync Hi-Performance Cam System allows for let-off adjustments between 65- and 80-percent. Plus, the draw cycle is smooth and the forgiving valley provides a comfortable feel at full draw.

Offering a mixture of brains and brawn, the bow ushers in a slew of other attractive technologies including the Axis Riser, P.P.L Limb Pockets, 3 Axis Central Pull Technology, DS-Yoke Cam Stability System, and a Soft Touch outer coating that provides protection from the elements while dampening vibration.

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